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Welcome to my Policy and Information page.

All the information you need to book a Tantra Ceremony with me is written below.
Please take a moment to read my policies and fill out the information form. Send it to me at your earliest convenience.

I look forward to seeing you soon!




IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a new client I will be unable to see you the same day you contact me. Sessions are booked at least one day or more in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Review Websites

If you have not already, please review my websites. Your experience with these Tantra Ceremonies will be better fully realized if you enter into theses sessions with some understanding of Taoist sacred sexual practices.
My websites:

Studio Hours:
My studio hours are Tuesday - Friday 10AM, 3PM or 6PM and some Saturdays. I don't usually work Sundays.

Use Email if Possible:
All questions and booking information are best done via email.

Fill out the Information Form:
Before we can schedule an appointment, I need your information. All information I receive is completely confidential. This information helps me serve you better. Please Note: My sessions fill up quickly, so the sooner you email me your request form, the sooner I can hold your session time  for you.

I Will Email You Personally:
After you fill out the form at the right, I will send you the dates and times I have available and information you need to prepare for the session. Send back the dates/times you would like to be considered for as soon as you can (before another clients snags that session!).

Confirmation From Me:

You will receive a notice via email that the date and time you specified have been placed in my calendar and are on hold for you. Please email, or text me to confirm this date and time as soon as possible. If I don't hear back within 24 hours, I will reach out to you again. If I don't hear back I will have to offer the time to another client.

Pre-session Phone Call:
After you have sent me your information and we  a date set for your session, you will have a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me. On this call I will respond to any questions you may have about the sessions or any other concerns you may have. It's important we both feel confident and comfortable with each other before we meet for the first time. Because these Ceremonies are very special, care and forethought need to be taken.

Day of Session Information:
After we talk on the phone, I will send you the "Day-of-Session" information and directions to my studio.

Reconfirm Appointment:
Please reconfirm your appointment two days before your appointment date.

Boston Tantra Policies
(Please read carefully):

To show sincerity and enthusiasm for what is offered in our sessions, kindly adhere to the following policies:

Payment Policy:
The session fee is paid before the session. You may choose from one of the following payment methods:

Cash—To  be presented at the beginning of the session. This selected payment confirms your agreement to have the cash ready and in hand at the beginning of our session.

PayPal—(For repeat clients only) To be paid 3 days before the session. You will be invoiced.

Cancellation Policy:
I have a 36-hour cancellation policy. If for any reason you can't make your appointment EMAIL AND CALL me asap to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If this is not done within 36 hours, you are responsible for full payment of your session. This fully-paid session can be re-booked within 7 days, however. Life happens and every consideration will be extended should there be an emergency. Please make sure to both CALL AND EMAIL me.

Appointment Policy:
All appointments need to be scheduled 36 hours or more in advance of the session. Please plan accordingly. All same-day sessions need at least 5 hours advance notice. There is a $50 fee for same day appointments and same day appointments are cash only.

Out of State Travel:
Given the uncertainty of flight and train schedules, if you are traveling by plane or train to Boston, your session needs to be scheduled on a day other than your travel day. Please keep this in mind as you book your session.

Session Etiquette:
It is important that we trust each other. These practices are extremely powerful and I want you to get what you came for. So that there is no misunderstanding, here is what you can expect in terms of what is offered in our session and what is not offered.

What the Healing Tao Massage Session is: 

A full-body, sacred-sexuality massage with a beautiful and ecstatic denouement. As such, it is a restorative and transformational experience.

I am a Taoist Tantric Priestess who provides the sacred space needed to connect deeply with your primary relationship (your priceless body). I am like a midwife birthing this event, but I am not the focus of the event. YOU are. When you come to see me, you are not only a Divine being, but also my whole world. I will take care of you and walk you through the session every step of the way.

What This Session Is Not:
It is not a "girl friend," "escort," or "full service" experience.

I sincerely want you to receive the fullness of this experience. Proper conduct and disciplines need to be observed. These sessions ask you to have the willingness to focus intensely on your body's sensations. Your trust, respect, and understanding of these guidelines will be a major factor in the results of your session. If during the session proper session etiquette is not upheld, I will respectfully end the session, and your session fee will be forfeited.




Royal Jade Dragon Ceremony (includes Tea and Foot bath Ceremony)[120 minutes~2 hours] INVESTMENT $600


Jade Emperor's Executive Dragon Ceremony (includes tea and foot bath Ceremony)[180 minutes~3 hours] INVESTMENT $800


VIP Add-ons:

Jade Emperor's Aromatherapy Full Bath Ceremony (30 minutes)



Advanced Jade Dragon techniques( 30 minutes) INVESTMENT $140


Pay by cash or PayPal:Cash ~ Please make arrangements to have money in hand a day before the session


PayPal ~ Invoiced and paid in full 3 days before the session. There is a $30 service fee for PayPal (Not an option for 1st-time clients)


My Studio is located right outside Boston

Thanks, you should here from me soon!

Hours of Business

Tues- Fri

10 am, 3pm or 6pm


Some Saturdays, TBD



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