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Because Heaven Can't Wait


"I have been to over 20 tantra providers over the past 8 years. This session was hands down easily the best session I ever had. I felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so loved, and so blissed and pleasured."

"My whole body rises and falls with such intense waves of pleasure, it was euphoric... it was stronger and more powerful than anything I have ever experienced..."



"Our first session was the beginning of my relationship with myself...I began to accept, love, and appreciate myself on that day, by being honored as a Goddess."

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"We continue to do well, thanks to your guidance. We are amazed at the special influence you have had on us. We both will be forever grateful for your contributions to our marriage.

Get In Touch With Your Pleasure Field

My healing sanctuary is a place where you will 

relax into deeply sensual touch


What Is Healing Tao Massage?

The Healing Tao Massage is a unique sexual healing method that enables you to release stress and worry, while also transporting you to a realm of transcendent bliss. You will be enveloped within a sense of warmth, safety and respectful caring, where you will have the time needed to focus on making your body, mind, and spirit whole and vibrant.    

When you enter this healing temple, you will be in my world and thus be treated like a King. Here you will be the sole focus of a Goddess, who embodies the wisdom teachings of a Taoist Priestess and who possesses the authentic techniques of Sexual Qi Gong – all of which combine to balance your mind and body as they bring your spirit into a state of pure ecstasy.


Pleasure Field Meditation

Take a 6-minute break to get in touch with your pleasure field. (Yes, you have 6 minutes.)

Follow the instructions on the recording below.

The Pleasure Field
00:00 / 06:14

In My Sanctuary You Will...

  • Experience a sexual-spiritual retreat 

  • Feel younger and more vital

  • Activate your vital masculine power

  • Regenerate, rejuvenate, transform

  • Be guided through a series of pleasurable techniques

  • Find nourishment and safety

  • Discover your “True Nature”

  • Relieve stress and recharge your batteries

  • Forget your troubles and worries

  • Find solace and peace 

  • Add to your quality of life

  • Be honored and cared for as the God you are

  • Be totally accepted and adored

  • Be my whole world

I look forward to connecting with you.

To request information for a

Healing Tao Massage Ceremony,

please click below.


(As seen on Sacred Eros )

"You exceeded all my expectations. You were a beautiful person to meet, both inside and outside. I can't explain how happy I felt after I left your studio."
"Yours was the only session I felt the practitioner fully engaged in and shared Tantra philosophy. My session with you was really the only session where I felt transported to another plane."
"It was a unique adventure in exploring myself. I find that the high has lingered with me throughout the day and has left me with an energy that I've not experienced in a good while."


Learn more about Taoism with interviews with two Taoist teachers, the late great Lao and Arthur.


Breath and Meditation 

Clients and students ask me, "What can I do on my own to develop an authentic Tantra practice?" My answer may surprise you:

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