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Because it's a repeatable and effective way to bring you
peace, joy, and self-acceptance.

Have you ever wondered if your body has greater potential for sexual ecstasy than you have encountered thus far? Do your sexual experiences feel lacking in some way: a momentary build-up resulting in climax followed by a letdown, sometimes exhaustion or a feeling of emptiness, or even frustration. 


Individuals who practice authentic Sexual Qi Gong know that Taoist Tantra is just the opposite of what is described above. Rather than exhaustion afterwards you experience vibrant, balanced energy. Instead of feeling empty, you are infused with the joy of life. Colors seems brighter, the heart is lighter as your spirit rests in the ecstasy of its true nature. 


Ancient masters realized this is the natural state that sexual expression is meant to provide. These adepts knew that sexuality is part of a special ability encoded in each human being to help them awaken and come into the knowledge of their own enlightened state. Sex practices, when applied in a certain way, can send practitioners to the heavenly realms without ever having to die.


Cultural ignorance and prejudice misunderstood and devalued these techniques and so these practices were either lost or kept secret. Consequently, Tantra was taught only to the few initiates who could be trusted with this very valuable information.



Why Tantra Boston?


I have deeply immersed myself in the teachings of sacred sexual practices, studying and working with many expert teachers from Taoist, Hindu, and Sufi traditions. I have also been committed to my own personal study, reading scores of ancient texts and spending thousands of hours with my own practice. My healing system has culminated in a sensual massage that I believe is wonderfully profound, easily repeatable, and second to none.


If you have longed to explore the ancient art of Tantra with an authentic, skilled practitioner, you have come to the right place. These simple, yet powerful, sessions are a much-sought-after chance to undergo the magic and artistry of true Taoist Sexual Alchemy. My beneficial and pleasurable methods revitalize the body while serenely illuminating the spirit. This sacred ceremony allows you to discover your own sexual-spiritual potential in a highly sensual, encouraging, and respectful manner.


It would be my honor to celebrate you in this sacred event. I invite you to contact me today.

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