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Boston Tantra Massage
Things People Say About Our Sessions

"I wish there was a word to describe how you have helped me to start to understand pleasure. I cannot believe that in just a short time I could feel this good."

"I have been to over 20 tantra providers over the past 8 years. This session was hands down easily the best session I ever had. I felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so loved, and so blissed and pleasured."


"After leaving your studio I did get an overwhelming feeling of serenity that lasted for a solid 15-20 minutes. Like someone beat me over the head with a happy stick. Is this bliss?"


"My whole body rises and falls with such intense waves of pleasure, it was euphoric. I had never felt like that before. When I finally released, it was stronger and more powerful than anything I have ever experienced."


"You were very good to me and put me at ease and taught me so many things that I did not know about my body and senses."


"It was a unique adventure in exploring myself. I find that the high has lingered with me throughout the day and has left me with an energy that I've not experienced in a good while."


"Yours was the only session I felt the practitioner fully engaged in and shared Tantra philosophy. My session with you was really the only session where I felt transported to another plane."


"You allowed me to go to a place of pure bliss and relaxation that I have never been to before."


"You exceeded all my expectations. You were a beautiful person to meet, both inside and outside. I can't explain how happy I felt after I left your studio."

" The experience was transcendental, all due to your experienced sincere and loving guidance. Very hard to put into words. Maybe the Shakti met Siva, it all happened beyond my control."


"Something did happen, beyond question. I have been mediating on the experience, to continue its energy. Today, I have a curious peace, like I'm in the groove. Its all underneath, not rational/intellectual." 


"Thank you, you are a realized, kind giving soul. I will always cherish the experience, it was truly memorable."

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