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The Healing Tao Tantric Massage at Boston Tantra is a sacred, sensual ceremony meant to take you to heaven.

The Healing Tao Massage is a one-of-a-kind sensual, tantra massage. These specific techniques relax, rejuvenate, and stimulate. You feel extremely taken care of and adored. These techniques build self-love, self-esteem, and self-realization. I am the lineage holder of this method and one of very few who know these techniques. You will leave feeling energized, relaxed, and super-empowered.
A session at Boston Tantra with me includes the following methods:
  • Footbath ceremony. A relaxing and centering ceremony. A perfect segue from the street to the massage table. This allows us both to connect face to face, spirit to spirit.
  • Breathing exercises. Unique breathing techniques (pranayama) are learned to help relax and focus the mind. These techniques are important as we use them later as an ascension practice.
  • Opening the channels. Tapping, slapping, and gently pounding on certain meridians and Marma points on the body prepare the body to open to the inner ascension energies.
  • Guiding the subtle ascension energies. Special techniques are used with the hands to guide the now available subtle energies into the natural pathways of the body to enhance and powerfully direct these potent reserves.
  • Warming the channels. Sacred jade is heated and placed on areas of the body to nourish the energy centers. This nourishment helps build the necessary energy needed to ascend.
  • Deep relaxation. Warm oil is applied to the body and special massage techniques are used to deeply relax both body and mind.
  • Guiding the somatic ascension energies. Special techniques are used with the hands to move the deeper somatic energies in the body, again directing the potent reserves in a specific way to illuminate the spirit.
  • Stimulating the kundalini energies. This is done with warm oil and special techniques to draw up slowly and steadily the sensual energies that guide us to heavenly bliss.
  • Guided meditation with breath. This technique allows for a person to keep the pace of the experience in control, allowing it to last longer, and also to guide the now abundant subtle energies to ascend.
  • Worshiping at the Altar of the Divine. A sacred technique that allows the receiver to feel the divinity within them and to be deeply adored. This is the practice of worshiping the God in you. 
  •  Integration. This is a time of letting go and integrating all the energies that have risen and expanded. It's an important time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your experience.
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