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Do these Tantra Ceremonies address sexual dysfunctions?

Yes, they do. Though I don't like the term "dysfunction." I respect the body wisdom and feel that it's important not to place judgmental labels on the way the body functions.

As I said in another post, the ego mind is like a dictator, it uses the body for its feeling of self worth and esteem, so of course if the body doesn't work the way it thinks it should the ego is not happy.

The body is the home of our spirit and has a life of its own. When allowed to open naturally without expectations, I find the body responds well to this massage. Drugs and other artificial substances used to make the penis hard or vagina engorged, may come with some side effects and may not be necessary.

I have worked with hundreds of people who have been told they have difficulties coming too quickly or too slowly or not at all, many have had truly effective results. I work with each person on a case to case basis, but overall these techniques work wonders even if you don't have the big O.

These Ceremonies are not about chasing anything, rather they deal with being present in deep regard for the miracle of the body and the sacred bliss of the soul.

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