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I am someone who likes to give, will I be able to take care of you?

This Ceremony is not about me, it's about YOU and your connection to your body. The Healing Tao Massage is not interactive. It requires a good deal of concentration. There is a complete process set forth within it that needs to be followed for the best results.

For the person receiving the massage it requires the discipline of deeply letting go and receiving. It's not about performance. There is no way you could get the benefits of these sessions if you If your mind is distracted about trying to take care of someone else, the energy that you would be building in your body would leak out. What we focus on grows. If you want an intense experience of ecstasy, you must focus on that. I am the midwife in these ceremonies and YOU are the star of this show.

If you want to give something, give the gift of attention. Hold the sacredness of these practices before, during, and after our session. Come with the enthusiasm of a child excited to explore your body-mind world.

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