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Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Yes there is. Because we are working with the life energies in the body (the Taoists call it Ching and the Vedics call it Oja ) it's important to come to the session with a little something in your storehouse. These practices help with physical rejuvenation and there is nothing that builds the body and enlivens the mind more than an abundant supply of "Ching and Oja." There is so much I could say about this substance and its importance, volumes have been written about it, but for our purpose you need to trust me when I say, if you don't ejaculate for at least three days or more before your session you will have taken an already amazing experience and moved it up a few notches.

I will provide you more information when you book an appointment including what to eat and a few practices that help increase this energy in you as well. A good night's sleep is very important too. Ching and Oja are created during the hours of 11 PM and 1 AM.

It's also important to prepare the mind. The first time we meet there could be some nerves, excitement, even resistance. So we have to deal with the mind. I always think its best to arrive open minded with few expectations, especially expectations with yourself. The ego believes it owns the body and can be quite a dictator--constantly running an inner monologue about what the body should look like, feel like and how it should perform. In these sessions we view the body as sacred and having a right to its own life and process. Keeping the ego out of the studio is imperative for the Ascension Tantric process. I would say quieting the mind is the hardest part of the practice. But that is what it is, a "practice." This is why this method is referred to as a "meditation."

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